Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy using Pick and Draw Game too!


mphs_draw kids7

Do you know a physical therapist or occupational therapist?  Do you know of a clinic in your area?  Why not let them know about Pick and Draw as an effective tool they can use with the kids they are working to help.  You could simply point them to this recent review of the game by Physical Therapist, Margaret Rice…it’s very simple and full of insight and ideas.  Anytime physical help can come in a creative way and make it fun for the person in need, that is a very good thing!  Pick and Draw does this well but not many PT and OT know about it.

Also, Pick and Draw was just given the coveted award, “The Seal of Approval” by The National Parenting Center after testing it with educators, Parents and Panelist for 8 weeks.  We want parents to know about it and  use it in the home after dinner or when the kids need a fun creative activity they can do by theirself or with others.  God has given a creativity drive to every person to enrich their life.  Here’s a simple way to enjoy that together!

To get in on special price deals, visit Pick and Draw.


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