Draw this…


Happy 2014 !  I’m developing a new game and wonder if you would engage your kids in drawing this barn step by step and seeing what happens.  Please don’t coax them too much or help them very much as I want to see how kids handle something like this.  I’m looking for input…please feel free to comment or send me their drawing with comments.  If they like what they did then perhaps you can ask them to draw things around the barn that they want to…trees, hills, chickens, horses, tractor, people?  Have fun and let me hear from you!


5 Responses to “Draw this…”

  1. Kim Hyman Says:

    Are you, wanting us to hand them the visual and see if they can do it like a drawing book or are you looking for verbal instructions such as draw a rectangle, etc?

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    • richdavis1 Says:

      Kim, good question. I would prefer you to hand them the visual and see if they can do it. Although it might be interesting to try the verbal way as a “communication activity” in learning
      to listen and interpreting visually what you are saying. That would reveal “how they hear you” and “how good you are doing as a communicator”. Let me know what happens…interested!

  2. kathmasterkey Says:

    Hi Rich! I teach Art and work at a farm and doctor museum in NH….and have been working on stepping up the arts …this will be perfect to leave out and see what the results are! We’re slow now but I will keep up inform.

    Best, Kathleen Johnson

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  3. Angela Wills Says:

    My 5-year-old just did it pretty quickly and enjoyed it. How can I send the picture to you?

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