Try these

Here are some fun little pictures that you may enjoy drawing.  Get a piece of paper and a pencil…then choose one of the things below and see if you

can sketch it on your paper.  Then try another…as many as you want.  You can also take two or three of the things you draw and draw what is around them…a city?  The beach?  The country

with a barn in the distance and cows?  The park?  Whatever your imagination sees!  Enjoy!  You are very creative!

DB things that go

DB house


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5 Responses to “Try these”

  1. S Mertz Says:

    These are great! Thank you!!

  2. acreativejourneywithmelissa Says:

    Love the inspiration!! Thank u for sharing!! Do you have any books out? I would love to check them out! Ty again!

    • richdavis1 Says:

      Hey glad this inspired you! Do I have drawing books out? No but I do have a very fun little drawing game called Pick and Draw. If you haven’t tried it, it’s just $10 at thanks!

      • acreativejourneywithmelissa Says:

        Is it one book or are there four different ones? I see the option to purchase up to four but wasn’t sure if there was more than one or they were the same?

        • richdavis1 Says:

          Melissa, I have children’s books that I’ve done for Penguin professionally but I think what you are looking for is the “game” I created called Pick and Draw. This will give you hours and hours of creative play with over
          60,000 different cartoon faces to try in the deck. At the site on the “order” page, there are options to buy 3 games for no shipping and buy 4, get 1 free…but these are not different games, they
          are all the same game. People buy multiples to give away to others since they are so inexpensive. Does that help?

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