Think about it….


A very simple statement.

I saw this demonstrated “once upon a time” years ago while working for a greeting card company.  America was heading to war in Iraq…called Desert Storm.  This company wanted to do something to encourage our troops going over into such a dangerous unknown place.  But it meant that cards that were usually made in six months time, would HAVE to be made in two weeks.  Everything.  Ready to be shipped out so that soldiers could get cards from their families and friends.

It was amazing to see several hundred people in this company move together like one big team and make this happen.  I would actually call it “miraculous” knowing how long large companies take in the normal process and all the red tape and changes that happen to do most anything.

But no one cared about their own agenda or reputation or schedule….our soldiers needed encouraging and that was the total focus.  Everyone was so focused!  Hardly anyone took breaks…where the norm was to linger in the break room and talk and be sluggish to go back to your desk.  The whole company was like an ant hill teeming with people doing things quickly and doing them well so that the next person would have what they needed to do their part.  Meetings made record breaking time with how “short” they were…decisions were made in a moment’s time instead of the usual weeks (and sometimes months). There was a higher purpose and this rocketed people into doing the impossible.

That was the most spectacular 3 weeks of the entire time (21 years) that I worked there.

And, after the war was over….guess what happened?

Business as usual.

What higher purpose would change the way you do things in your life?  Is it possible for you to find something in your life that is worth that kind of focus?

There is.  There is.  There is something more.


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2 Responses to “Think about it….”

  1. numbermydaysaright Says:

    I just want to say how much I love what you said here. I will be reading this post to my kids and considering your questions with them. Great motivation for starting a new school year and for LIFE ahead! (Thank you for what you poured into my life during those same years. I was in college and spending time with your family during that war. We may not spend time together now, but you and Angie continue to have a ripple effect on my life. And our family loves playing Pick and Draw together!)

    • richdavis1 Says:

      Kristen, how kind of you to send encouragement. Thank you! I praise the Lord for your continued choices to follow and love Jesus with all your heart as reflected in your family life and outreach to others. Your light is shining and God is being glorified! (those days of yore have so many wonderful memories!)

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