Trees…they’re everywhere!

I found this beautiful leaf today out in my yard.

red leaf tree1

I’ve picked up A LOT of leaves in my life…but today, as I looked at the leaf, I saw a tree in the leaf!

God designed each leaf to look like a tree!  Think how many leaves there are in the world!!!

Let me help you see the tree that I saw…here are the trunk and branches.

leaf tree drawing2

And…here is the outline of the tree…

leaf tree drawing outline3

Taking the leaf away, here is what is left…

leaf tree completed drawing4

Now when you look at a tree and see all the leaves, you can imagine that every leaf is like a drawing of a tree that God has stuck to the limbs….each tree is one of God’s art galleries!


YOU’RE TURN!  Why not go out into your yard and get a few leaves you like and come in and draw them and make a tree yourself like I’ve shown you?!

Add some color…make a field of trees in your drawing using different leaf shapes.

Enjoy drawing!  And enjoy the leaves all around you…they are unique art works!


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