I’ve Got a new drawing book you’ll love!


You, your family; your friends….anyone…can draw lots of fun things from my new

book from Race Point Publishing!  Each of the 10 chapters covers categories of things

you can draw…


In each chapter, there are ten different things in that category you can try!  I’m thinking

you can draw any of them in a minute or less….you got what it takes!screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-9-20-50-am


When you open the book, you will see that the left page shows you how to draw something and the right side gives you a place to try it yourself (or you can keep that page clean and make your drawing on paper you have to the side)!

Besides the 10 things to draw in each chapter, I also have put a 12 step challenge

drawing that has more details.  I’ll bet some of you could even do this drawing in only

one minute!  Here’s the challenge for the “Animals” chapter….



Pretty quick, you’ll know how to draw ALOT of fun things and will be able to put

those things together into one picture that you can decide how you want to design

it!  Think of how many fun pictures and fun ideas could happen after you’ve drawn

things from one chapter!  Maybe you’re ideas will even get you to write a story

about your picture!screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-9-21-22-am

And you know me, I’m going to show you how to draw some really fun things…in hopes

that you will make up some things of your own…like these!screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-9-23-25-am

You can buy the book online at Amazon HERE .  It’s just $15..and a terrific gift idea

for kids to give to their friends on a birthday (you  might have all the kids there

wanting to draw right then!).

Want to see more of the book?  You can online HERE .

Would you write a review there after you’ve looked it over?  It will help get the

word out to others who have people they know that would love the creative fun

that is in the book.

 Thanks so much!


(do you like this?  Leave me comment..artist always need confidence!)


Don’t forget you can also buy my very fun drawing game, Pick and Draw HERE for hours of creative fun!






4 Responses to “I’ve Got a new drawing book you’ll love!”

  1. avantacular Says:

    How do I get a copy of your book? I have the pick and draw cards. Do after school care and it is so popular with the kids. Is the book in print so I can order it?

  2. amykrohn Says:

    I’m going to put your book on my Amazon wish list:) My kids and I love your Pick and Draw game, and we’ll probably love your new book, too.

  3. Rhonda Hestir Says:

    Rich, this book looks like so much fun! I forwarded this email to our homeschool group here in Cleb. Co., since I am the self-professed art advocate for our bunch. By the way, my son spend most of yesterday helping your nieces and nephews show their sheep at the county fair. He had a blast doing it! Well-wishes to you, Angie and the crew!

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