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How powerful is a dream?

September 30, 2016

Some people might wonder, how does a fun drawing book like the 1 Minute Artist happen? It has a lot to do with “dreaming”…



A couple of years ago, I had this idea to create simple six step drawings to help people get a little confidence to give drawing a try…and find out that they could draw better than they thought and even enjoyed it!  I drew one up and tried it out with some students and they wanted more.  I thought, “there is something good about this idea…”



At the same time, I had bought some kind of paper product that came in a clear plastic box that I wanted to keep…for something.  Then it came to me that little clear plastic box would become my “dream box”.  I would put creative ideas in that box that I wanted to see become something.  I made a sticker that said, “Insert Dreams Here”…



I put my first six step drawing in the box…excited that I was actually using the box to help myself dream!


I wanted to make more and try them out with more students at schools….so I did!



Teachers were asking for more and anyone that tried them thought it was fun and they were surprised they could draw something so easily.  It was addicting!  My box was filling up!



It seemed my dream was growing…and I was able to use it to help others…I was very excited!  I wondered if these 6 step drawings should become a box of large game cards that could be sold like educational cards.  I kept trying my dream with kids everywhere…after the kids drew three or four, they began combining them into one picture according to the way they wanted to creatively put them together…making some objects bigger or smaller.  They also enjoyed adding details and surprising things to the new things they were drawing.

Not knowing what to do with this dream/idea…I turned to Jesus, “my” Creator, and asked Him for direction and help.  I had been doing this from the very start as I felt He was putting something good in my heart to help others and at the same time provide for my family.

His answer came a few months later when a kind editor from a large publishing house in New York contacted me that she had seen the 6 step drawings on Pinterest and wanted to see if we could make a book with a collection of them.  And…that is exactly what happened…the 1 Minute Artist was born!



And that first drawing that went into the dream box is right here in the book…



What I got from this experience is that God often puts dreams in our hearts with things that help others but let us experience a joy that is amazing.  Dreams God puts in our hearts also often take a long time to happen and we have to keep trying and keep asking Him for help…not getting discouraged.  If dreams were easy to happen, they wouldn’t be very meaningful…it’s the journey of seeing it through with our Creator, Jesus, that makes it absolutely great!

I thank Him for this dream that has come into being.  God never ceases to amaze me!

Maybe there is a dream that you have?  Ask the One who made you for help and listen for His reply…be patient and He will lead you.  When He answers, then it’s time to work hard.



Imagination hand activity (super fun, even for adults!)

August 21, 2015



“What if” your fingers could become something else anytime you wanted them to…but then after you use it, it looks like a finger again?!!

Here’s a fun activity you might want to try…or let your students or kids try….

hand activity

Even if you don’t actually draw anything, it’s still fun to think about what 5 things you would choose for yourself.

It would be a fun verbal activity around the dinner table with your family as well.  You might be surprised what “you” come up with for yourself…

and surprised what others around you come up with.

This activity helps you see what things you use the most in your lifestyle or what things you wish you had.

If you are someone who looses the key to your house often, you might want to make that one your finger choices…..just saying.

Have fun!

Fun Fast-Paced Group Drawing Game…try it!

January 29, 2015

dice mouse drawPRINT

I LOVE games, so here’s something I developed to get people drawing TOGETHER!

You can do this as a family or with a group of friends or as an ice breaker at a party or gathering.  You can do alone but it’s more fun if you do it with others as a competition.  Using dice helps add excitement and unpredictability.  You might try it tonight after dinner!

You’ll need: (per team)

2 dice

1 piece of paper and a pencil or pen

a copy of the mouse drawing on this post


Break the number of people you have into 2 teams.  If you have a huge number of people, you can have many teams with about 4-6 people in each team.  The picture uses very simple shapes and lines so that most any age or any skill level will work.  The goal is not a wonderful picture…the goal is for your team to draw the mouse as quickly as you can when you roll the right numbers.

When you yell, “go!”  each team starts with only one of the dice.  Go clockwise with each person quickly rolling once then passing the dice.  Your team has to roll a “1” first in order to draw the first shape of the mouse.  The person who rolls it gets to draw that large triangle shape on the paper.

That team then grabs the second dice and tries to roll a “2”…snake eyes!  When snake eyes is rolled by a person, they quickly add the head shape onto the first body shape.  From that point on, any other number left (3-12) has something to add onto the mouse to complete it.  It goes really quick at this point.  Notice that #11 doesn’t have anything to be drawn.  (you could have that person add something new onto the mouse that is not in the picture….whatever they want.)

When the mouse is completely drawn, that team has to roll snake eyes in order to win.


This could be played with 2 people…going against each other.  You will be rolling a lot times to get your numbers, but it could still be fun…cause you get to draw!  Enjoy!


Draw a dinosaur!

March 6, 2014


Try this simple dinosaur…Blockheadasaurus.. and let me know how you did.  You can post your drawing on the Pick and Draw Facebook page…I’d love to see your drawing!  Add some color to your dinosaur  if you like.  Enjoy!

Draw the Statue of Liberty

March 3, 2014

Here’s a quick simple way to draw the Statue of Liberty.  The goal?  If someone looks at your drawing and says, “Hey…the Statue of Liberty!”, then you have succeeded.   Often we tell ourself that we can’t draw if our drawing is not “perfect” and exactly like what we are trying to draw.  Drawing in a simple way can be for “recognition”.  That is the simplest form of communication.  Like fun drawing game, Pictionary.  Then after you have drawn it in a simple way if you want to make it look more and more like the object you’re drawing, then keep adding to it with detail.  For now, this little 6 step drawing is to put you in the ballpark and enjoy being able to get there.  Have fun!  Leave me comments if you like….so that I can learn from YOU!  Make a xerox of this and have others try it that you know.


Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy using Pick and Draw Game too!

November 12, 2013


mphs_draw kids7

Do you know a physical therapist or occupational therapist?  Do you know of a clinic in your area?  Why not let them know about Pick and Draw as an effective tool they can use with the kids they are working to help.  You could simply point them to this recent review of the game by Physical Therapist, Margaret Rice…it’s very simple and full of insight and ideas.  Anytime physical help can come in a creative way and make it fun for the person in need, that is a very good thing!  Pick and Draw does this well but not many PT and OT know about it.

Also, Pick and Draw was just given the coveted award, “The Seal of Approval” by The National Parenting Center after testing it with educators, Parents and Panelist for 8 weeks.  We want parents to know about it and  use it in the home after dinner or when the kids need a fun creative activity they can do by theirself or with others.  God has given a creativity drive to every person to enrich their life.  Here’s a simple way to enjoy that together!

To get in on special price deals, visit Pick and Draw.


March 12, 2013

Do you realize that you are the most creative visually when you’re unconscious! DREAMS! You’re Creator has made you so creative, you don’t even have to try…you just do it without thinking (literally)!

card_march band

“Art” comments to parents (for their kids)

February 12, 2011

Ok, the toothless kid in the picture is me!  Only I was known as “Bubba” then!  At that age, I was clueless I would ever be an artist.  No idea.  In fact, it would be 17 more years after this picture before I would know I wanted to be an artist!  I never took an art class in high school or pursued it…but I was making stuff and drawing cartoons often.   That really was my “formal” teaching in art.  God knew all along that He had made me for a purpose that He knew I would love.  I’m so happy that I get to do something I love and am passionate about every day!  I still just love to doodle on paper with nothing in mind….

From recent calls and conversations and things that I am reading on the internet from mom’s and dad’s about art and their children, I felt to pass on some thoughts that I hope will be helpful.  I know it is really on alot of parent’s minds.  They want to know what they can do for their kids who either love art (do it all the time) or have gotten to the point where they don’t want to do it much anymore (and you know it is because they are afraid their picture is not going to be as good  as someone elses).  What can you do?

God has equipped EVERY person (you included!) with a high ability to create and much of it is geared around the visual part of how He has wired us.  It’s like having a computer that is extremely fast and able to multi function and is loaded with software (bells and whistles included)….but it’s potential is not being realized.  And if the person that owned the computer knew how that potential would help them and make their life more enjoyable, they would be learning with vigor  how to use it.  So here are some tips…

1) KEEP LOTS OF PAPER AND PENCILS AND CRAYONS AVAILABLE.  Having those things in one place will help them go there more often when those ideas or desire to create happens.  I tell kids that I call clean, white paper, “yum yum”.  Getting to draw is like eating candy.  And they smile and nod because they understand that feeling when they see clean paper.

2) YOUR EYES ARE YOUR BEST TEACHERS.  Help them develop their capactiy to see.  Remember the computer I refered to above?  It can do alot more than it is being used to do right now.  We develop little by little…baby steps mainly.  The best thing you can do is to make comments all the time about anything seen.  It can happen wherever you are…you can do it any way you like… whenever the moment happens.

Example: Your family is walking out the door of the house loading in the van and you look up and see some big puffy clouds….”wow!  Look at those big puffy clouds!  They look like cotton balls floating in the sky!”  Or your kids are eating their sandwich and after a few bites you notice their sandwich looks like the moon….”hey!  Look at your sandwich!  It looks like Mr. Moon!”  Just draw attention to things and it will be like throwing a million seeds out on your child’s fertile mind.

3)  YOU interact with them by drawing or doing creative things WITH them.  I would REALLY stress this for dads…because it is pretty rare.  But your kids seeing you “try” (even if you say, “I can’t even draw stick figures!”), will communicate to them  a desire to ALWAYS TRY… even if drawing is not their “thing”.  And, you might just really come to enjoy it as well!  It might even give you a new confidence to try a hobby you’ve always admired…woodworking or sewing or landscaping, etc.

4)  PICTIONARY!  If you’ve never played this, I recommend it highly.  It is totally taking art into a “communication” game.  Our culture has basically taught that “art” is only something that is pretty and hangs on a wall (i.e. “if it ain’t pretty; you ain’t an artist…give it up!”)  You might notice that usually the “artists” that play this game will take too long with their pictures and end up losing anyway!  You don’t have to have a polished picture to communicate.  This game teaches kids how to “put it down quick” in order to try and help others guess what object is trying to be guessed.  This helps their  problem solving skills and because it is timed, they won’t get bogged down in it being tedious and taking a long time.  The whole family can do this together.  And who knows, maybe one day it might actually be used in a crisis situation to save someone’s life.  It will really instill that pictures are powerful….can say a whole lot…are worth a 1000 words at least!

One last thing to ponder about art….art is something beyond the “doing”.  What I mean is that it is more than your hand drawing with a pencil on paper.  That is pretty much how people see art.  So if they can do the drawing part good, then they are an “artist”.  But art is two other things also and these are not stressed enough….how to “see” and how to “think” (about what you see).  See?  Reseach has shown over and over that when you do art of any kind, ALL parts of the brain are working together. Nothing is left out.  If you’ll notice, even the hand that is not actually drawing is doing things to help in the process….move the paper, etc.

Hope these things help….please leave me a comment if this has helped….or if you have questions, you can email me at

If this is the first time you’ve been to my blog, search through the categories on the right and find some fun, simple cartoons to try…you might be surprised what you can do!

Have fun and enjoy being able to create things only you can create in the way you do!

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