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Making Patterns (out of simple shapes)

August 29, 2009

blog_pattern_1To begin making a pattern…and I had no idea how this would look at the end…I drew 4 random shapes.

From these 4 shapes, I played with how they were placed to each other until I got something I liked.  I did this for three different creations.  This gave me 3 creations to choose from.  I decided on creation 2.

blog_pattern_pg 2I played with how I would stagger creation 2 and decided it looked best (to my liking) to go diagonally.  Then I repeated the same row over and over until the page was filled.  Once it was filled, I duplicated the whole pattern on a seperate layer in photoshop and played with moving it over the top of the first layer making different patterns.  I liked their unpredictableness and somewhat randomness eventhough I began with a pretty symmetrical pattern look.

Let’s play with color now….

blog_pattern_3Pretty self explanatory…but to show you how photoshop can help you (as an artist or designer) to play with variations and go to color places you wouldn’t normally….

blog_pattern_4Time for you to play….!  Yeah, technology…this really is it’s strength to help you design and be able to try many more options that you normally wouldn’t have to time to try traditionally.  But the strength of traditional art needs to be in the equation also…the spontaneity of hand done things and the freshness it brings will make the strength of technology produce some unique things quickly and able to alter or adjust again from that point.


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