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Think about it….

August 19, 2015


A very simple statement.

I saw this demonstrated “once upon a time” years ago while working for a greeting card company.  America was heading to war in Iraq…called Desert Storm.  This company wanted to do something to encourage our troops going over into such a dangerous unknown place.  But it meant that cards that were usually made in six months time, would HAVE to be made in two weeks.  Everything.  Ready to be shipped out so that soldiers could get cards from their families and friends.

It was amazing to see several hundred people in this company move together like one big team and make this happen.  I would actually call it “miraculous” knowing how long large companies take in the normal process and all the red tape and changes that happen to do most anything.

But no one cared about their own agenda or reputation or schedule….our soldiers needed encouraging and that was the total focus.  Everyone was so focused!  Hardly anyone took breaks…where the norm was to linger in the break room and talk and be sluggish to go back to your desk.  The whole company was like an ant hill teeming with people doing things quickly and doing them well so that the next person would have what they needed to do their part.  Meetings made record breaking time with how “short” they were…decisions were made in a moment’s time instead of the usual weeks (and sometimes months). There was a higher purpose and this rocketed people into doing the impossible.

That was the most spectacular 3 weeks of the entire time (21 years) that I worked there.

And, after the war was over….guess what happened?

Business as usual.

What higher purpose would change the way you do things in your life?  Is it possible for you to find something in your life that is worth that kind of focus?

There is.  There is.  There is something more.

Christmas Light video

December 18, 2011

music: Handel’s Messiah performed by the London Philharmonic Symphony


December 15, 2011

A very Merry Christmas to you all!

Every person alive has a purpose…you are one of those people!  You are important!  The One True God made you with a purpose in mind.  He equipped you with all you need to accomplish that purpose.  Purpose gives us a reason to live and sense of significance in life.  And because God is love, He wants you to know what that is and He wants you to enjoy it with Him.  He enjoys you and delights to call you His creation!

At 53 my purpose is still being defined in my heart by Him and little by little becoming more clear.  Because God has healed me of so much fear in my own heart, I want to help others gain courage and go past their fears through the wonderful means of a tool God invented called creativity.  As this happens the enjoyment of life grows greater and greater.  The answer lies in His son, Jesus Christ!

All of us begin the journey of wanting to know our purpose by simply asking our Creator.  Then, we listen and stay alert to His leading.  It is a thrilling adventure!

Do you know what your purpose is?

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