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How powerful is a dream?

September 30, 2016

Some people might wonder, how does a fun drawing book like the 1 Minute Artist happen? It has a lot to do with “dreaming”…



A couple of years ago, I had this idea to create simple six step drawings to help people get a little confidence to give drawing a try…and find out that they could draw better than they thought and even enjoyed it!  I drew one up and tried it out with some students and they wanted more.  I thought, “there is something good about this idea…”



At the same time, I had bought some kind of paper product that came in a clear plastic box that I wanted to keep…for something.  Then it came to me that little clear plastic box would become my “dream box”.  I would put creative ideas in that box that I wanted to see become something.  I made a sticker that said, “Insert Dreams Here”…



I put my first six step drawing in the box…excited that I was actually using the box to help myself dream!


I wanted to make more and try them out with more students at schools….so I did!



Teachers were asking for more and anyone that tried them thought it was fun and they were surprised they could draw something so easily.  It was addicting!  My box was filling up!



It seemed my dream was growing…and I was able to use it to help others…I was very excited!  I wondered if these 6 step drawings should become a box of large game cards that could be sold like educational cards.  I kept trying my dream with kids everywhere…after the kids drew three or four, they began combining them into one picture according to the way they wanted to creatively put them together…making some objects bigger or smaller.  They also enjoyed adding details and surprising things to the new things they were drawing.

Not knowing what to do with this dream/idea…I turned to Jesus, “my” Creator, and asked Him for direction and help.  I had been doing this from the very start as I felt He was putting something good in my heart to help others and at the same time provide for my family.

His answer came a few months later when a kind editor from a large publishing house in New York contacted me that she had seen the 6 step drawings on Pinterest and wanted to see if we could make a book with a collection of them.  And…that is exactly what happened…the 1 Minute Artist was born!



And that first drawing that went into the dream box is right here in the book…



What I got from this experience is that God often puts dreams in our hearts with things that help others but let us experience a joy that is amazing.  Dreams God puts in our hearts also often take a long time to happen and we have to keep trying and keep asking Him for help…not getting discouraged.  If dreams were easy to happen, they wouldn’t be very meaningful…it’s the journey of seeing it through with our Creator, Jesus, that makes it absolutely great!

I thank Him for this dream that has come into being.  God never ceases to amaze me!

Maybe there is a dream that you have?  Ask the One who made you for help and listen for His reply…be patient and He will lead you.  When He answers, then it’s time to work hard.



I’ve Got a new drawing book you’ll love!

September 9, 2016


You, your family; your friends….anyone…can draw lots of fun things from my new

book from Race Point Publishing!  Each of the 10 chapters covers categories of things

you can draw…


In each chapter, there are ten different things in that category you can try!  I’m thinking

you can draw any of them in a minute or less….you got what it takes!screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-9-20-50-am


When you open the book, you will see that the left page shows you how to draw something and the right side gives you a place to try it yourself (or you can keep that page clean and make your drawing on paper you have to the side)!

Besides the 10 things to draw in each chapter, I also have put a 12 step challenge

drawing that has more details.  I’ll bet some of you could even do this drawing in only

one minute!  Here’s the challenge for the “Animals” chapter….



Pretty quick, you’ll know how to draw ALOT of fun things and will be able to put

those things together into one picture that you can decide how you want to design

it!  Think of how many fun pictures and fun ideas could happen after you’ve drawn

things from one chapter!  Maybe you’re ideas will even get you to write a story

about your picture!screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-9-21-22-am

And you know me, I’m going to show you how to draw some really fun things…in hopes

that you will make up some things of your own…like these!screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-9-23-25-am

You can buy the book online at Amazon HERE .  It’s just $15..and a terrific gift idea

for kids to give to their friends on a birthday (you  might have all the kids there

wanting to draw right then!).

Want to see more of the book?  You can online HERE .

Would you write a review there after you’ve looked it over?  It will help get the

word out to others who have people they know that would love the creative fun

that is in the book.

 Thanks so much!


(do you like this?  Leave me comment..artist always need confidence!)


Don’t forget you can also buy my very fun drawing game, Pick and Draw HERE for hours of creative fun!





Trees…they’re everywhere!

October 18, 2015

I found this beautiful leaf today out in my yard.

red leaf tree1

I’ve picked up A LOT of leaves in my life…but today, as I looked at the leaf, I saw a tree in the leaf!

God designed each leaf to look like a tree!  Think how many leaves there are in the world!!!

Let me help you see the tree that I saw…here are the trunk and branches.

leaf tree drawing2

And…here is the outline of the tree…

leaf tree drawing outline3

Taking the leaf away, here is what is left…

leaf tree completed drawing4

Now when you look at a tree and see all the leaves, you can imagine that every leaf is like a drawing of a tree that God has stuck to the limbs….each tree is one of God’s art galleries!


YOU’RE TURN!  Why not go out into your yard and get a few leaves you like and come in and draw them and make a tree yourself like I’ve shown you?!

Add some color…make a field of trees in your drawing using different leaf shapes.

Enjoy drawing!  And enjoy the leaves all around you…they are unique art works!

Christmas Coloring Page download !

December 4, 2013

Christmas Coloring Page download !.

Creative invitations

November 19, 2013

A 5th and 6th grade sunday school group, called Club 56, are having a board game tournament with a great detective game called, Scotland Yard.  The kids love it and I decided to make a short video to the music by Henry Mancini (purchased at i tunes store) from the Pink Panther movie.  I wanted to do something a little different than just putting a post for parents to see.  The point of the game is for the team of agents to find Mr. X in the very large city of London, England.  It’s not an easy task…but you never know, some of these detectives are pretty smart!

To Repurpose or not to Repurpose?

October 24, 2013

Repurposing is a buzz word that has lited on many a computer…many a magazine….and many conversations.  It is a very good thing especially in light of King Solomon’s wise observation about life in the Bible, “there is nothing new under the sun”.  Real creativity flows when you take something that seems used up and ready to be thrown away…and make it into something else that is unique.

Recently, while visiting family in another state, we went to an antique store.  A glass jar full of colored wooden pieces caught my eye.  It had different shaped pieces that looked to be part of some kind of old board game.  The artistic side of me issued an internal challenge for myself…”pay the $10 for the jar  and make something unique with it”.  Without knowing what I would do, I was intrigued and considered it as I continued to look around… but finally walked away and left the store.  However, the thought would not go away and as we were walking toward the car to leave, impulsively I excused myself from the group and made myself go back in the store and buy the jar.  I even told the shop owner my idea as I was paying for them and she handed me her business card asking me to email me a picture of what I came up with.  Here is the jar….

SONY DSCA couple of days later, as I continued to pass by the jar wondering what I could do with the pieces,  I took the pieces out of the jar.  I was surprised to discover that touching them and turning them around to study them opened up  doors in the idea factory of my mind.  Then in a moment of discovery,  “the” idea came strong and I knew that these pieces could be repurposed into a unique, one-of-a-kind nativity set.  There would be no directions to unfold and read in order to construct it….just spontaneous play and experiment.  I would have to “follow my intuition”.  So, I have begun….I’m in the midst of making it happen now.  I  will show you my finished pieces when I’m finished, but for now, here is my start with the three kings….


Maybe there is something you have overlooked that needs some of your creative juices to give it a new life….to repurpose or not to repurpose?  That is a very good question…. you’ll have to answer.



Working with kids in schools (video)

March 25, 2013

One of the greatest joys in my life is to actually get to draw with kids.  To help them build confidence in the God-given creativity that He has put in them.  And it is amazing to watch them unfold like flowers in the spring….amazing!


February 15, 2013


Cartoon Book Drawings

August 22, 2012

It’s been a while since I have posted….like you, I’m very busy with many things.  One of those things is a fun, resource book about Pick and Draw that will help many different people to use the game for strong learning activities.  Each chapter has been written by different professionals in their area of expertise.  What they have shared is incredibly helpful when using Pick and Draw game!  Scattered throughout the book will be funny little drawings that I am doing and I want to give you a peek at some of these.  This book is scheduled to be on Amazon in October (Lord Willing!).  Drawing is such a fantastic and effective tool for growing and learning and developing what God has put inside each of us.  He always meant it to be  a gift that would be be opened often and enjoyed!

Pick and Draw clay faces (video)

June 25, 2012

Most of you know that I developed a simple drawing game called Pick and Draw and that it’s goal is to draw silly cartoon faces.  Every where I go, kids (and adults) have enjoyed playing the game with others or by themselves and are usually pretty pleased with what they have made.  I LOVE hearing that!  And it’s even more enjoyable  to watch people laugh together as they create.  I think that is one of the reasons God made every person creative.

Recently I got to help with a week long art camp for kids from ages 5-12.  I had four one hour classes each day and loved working with these very creative kids…it was so fun!  One of the activities I had the kids do was create four cartoon faces using Pick and Draw and then choose the one they like the most.  They had drawn the face two dimensional but I wanted to help nudge them towards taking something 2D and see it in 3D.  How do you do that?  Clay!  I gave them each a big hunk of crayola air dry clay (Wal Mart has it cheap) and asked them to try and make a statue of their cartoon character and add a body if they wanted.  Most had never done this and many had never even worked with clay.  I gave them simple tools as well to learn to shape and work in detail…tools like the plastic cap off a simple paper mate ball point pen (you get 10 of these pens for $1) and a paperclip to poke small holes in the clay and a small tongue depressor.  The looks of delight as they worked with the clay and came up with their creations was pure delight.  I was impressed with their ability to translate from 2D to 3D…and I think they were too!  Here’s some pictures….

As they continued to work on their clay faces and figures, I inserted an idea as a challenge to them….see if you can make your clay art functional as well.  In other words, it serves an actual purpose beyond just being something to look at.  We brainstormed ideas on the spot together and they wanted to fly into their ideas immediately.  So check out these ideas…how bout a pen holder….

or a pencil holder (he said it could hold your tooth brush as well)….love it!

Hahaha!  Love it!  I’ll bet his Mom will be surprised and his siblings will want one too!  Perhaps you could try this little activity together as a family on a Summer evening….it’s really fun and it’s a very effective problem solving activity making your brain see all the way around the face (the back of the head and the sides of the head and the body if you want).

We also drew quite a bit and the doodle bugs were definitely up there as one of the favorite activities.

After  everyone drew a doodle bug together (with me step by step), then I challenged them to come up with ideas of “where” the doodle bug was and what he was doing (maybe he’s holding something in his hand or saying something to make the picture more creative).  This activity really opens kids up to ideas they didn’t know were even in their mind!  Is the doodle bug on the moon?  in NYC? In Paris?  On the potato chip isle in Wal Mart?  In their own backyard?  They got to decide and immediately went to work.  So I’ll let one of my extrovert students tell you about his ideas….this was unprompted…I just grabbed the camera and he took off talking.

….and let’s keep it FUN!  Most of our best work comes when we enjoy what we do!


Thanks for the great work and great memories all you creative geniuses!

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