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Merry Christmas one and all!

December 17, 2013

A little video I put together to say Merry Christmas to you and your family.  The simplicity of Christmas is the exchange of a gift.   Jesus Christ gave His life to cleanse our sins.  The baby in the manger is the Savior of the World!  I pray God will open the eyes of your heart to see this and you will respond in faith to Him.   That would be your greatest gift back to Him.  He has covered our sins!


Creatively Using what cha got

October 9, 2013

In a recent project, I was sent by mail a mystery box full of art materials (wood blocks, glue, wire, clay, material, canvas board, etc).  The instructions were to choose a famous painting and re-invent it in 3 dimension.  The rules were that I could only use what was in the box (except for paints).  It was a long fun process and I was challenged continually to solve problems to meet my goal by only using what was in the box.  Here is what I came up with…step by step.   It might be fun to put together a mystery art box for your kids and give them the assignment to make something from it as well…you never know what it might inspire!


Draw Spiffy the quote bird (video)

March 6, 2013

Grab your pencil and paper and draw alongpause it if I get going to fast for you.  Add some doodling around the words if you like…or have Spiffy saying a quote you want him to say.  HAVE FUN!


February 15, 2013

For hours of creative fun, get one of my drawing games at  Take it to a meeting or group activity and

watch what happens when people start drawing together….smiles, giggles, laughter….memories!  Give the gift of creativity

to others…they will not expect it…but they will remember it!

A little creative play with the pen (video)

February 8, 2013

Who says everything we draw has to be PERFECT?!  Sometimes when we relax and take chances without thinking about it (because we’re enjoying the creative experience), the “real” artist inside can come out and play.  Our creativity can make visible the imagination’s thoughts….let’s see what happens for me today….

Drawing a winter tree (Video)

January 17, 2013

There is something very beautiful about the simplicity of a tree in winter.  Armed with my camera in one hand and a pen in the other I’m taking up the challenge to draw one from memory in a very short time.  Draw along with me if you like and pause it when you need to.  Many thanks for Beethoven’s assistance…..enjoy!

Draw with Rich…Pick and Draw game versatility(video)

December 9, 2012

Come draw with me some silly cartoon faces using my Pick and Draw game!  If you want to buy a game, visit  I’m running a special on the games during december so that you can give them as a fun gift or stocking stuffer.  Have fun being creative!

Creative Rewards Idea

April 25, 2012

Thanks everyone for your great comments and suggestions and encouragements…I am already putting together the next step by step drawing in a series I am calling, “Things that go zoom!”.  I’m starting with cars…that will be out soon.  Please continue to send comments or ideas…I enjoy hearing from you!

I just finished another painting for my children’s book, Tiny the Birthday Dog.  Yipeee!  I have 7 paintings to go now before I get through with this project.  I have done 10 paintings so far and I am shooting to complete this by the end of May.  How do I keep going forward with that much work staring in the face daily?  Will I make it?  (hope so!)  If you will watch this little video, I will share with you the finished painting but also a strategy for me to keep working and finish….maybe it will give you some ideas for your own projects that you have to get done….


Children’s Book cover sneak peak

April 15, 2012

I haven’t put on a drawing post in a good while because I have three big creative projects going on and I have to get them done by a certain day.  This has left me very little time to do anything else.  Today I will show you a couple of paintings from one of the projects…a children’s book called, Tiny the Birthday Dog.  One painting is from inside the book and one painting is the cover of the book.  The cover painting is important because it is what people see when they are looking for a book to read…it needs to be a picture that echoes the book title and make the reader want to look inside.  Hope you enjoy it….I have several more paintings before this book is finished.

Draw Ploosh the doodle bug

March 13, 2012

Glad you could join me today to draw!  We’re drawing Ploosh the doodle bug.  He’ll help us work on your rounded lines

and shapes.  The big curly Q lines in the wings are fun to make.  So, watch me draw Ploosh first and then follow me

in the steps below the video.  When you get Ploosh finished, maybe you will want to make another Ploosh but decorate

his wings in a different way…any way you like!






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