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The wonderful world of Talking with Pictures

September 1, 2015

We do a lot of drawing on this site and we talk about things we draw with our pencil…

DB house

dr seuss drawing

but sometimes we need to make lines and shapes

from objects that we can hold in our hand.

me and clay tiny





When we draw, that is called “2 dimensional“…

PAD_knight copy

when we use objects to make art or create surfaces that have form and dimension, it’s called “3 dimensional“.  Here’s a cowboy face I did a while back…

cowboy stan_full_MAILER


Today, I want to show you a 3 dimensional piece of art I created for the purpose of visually saying a message I want others to remember.

The message is the word, “TOGETHER”.  Here’s a peak at it…


I could have written the word….painted the words….and been very fancy with my letters.



But I wanted to get across the important message that everyone is different and that difference should not be looked at as something that divides us and makes us

feel strange and left out and alone.


Instead, I wanted to bring objects that are easily overlooked from my garage and combine them to make the letters of

this one word.  This way, I am giving you 2 different languages….one is using the letters to spell the word, “TOGETHER”…and the other language is to “show” you

what TOGETHER looks like.



I felt I could get across my message strongest if I used objects instead of drawing lines on paper.

My neighbor was throwing away the big board that the letters are on….it’s actually a kitchen cabinet door that was made over 70 years ago.  I saw it and asked if I could have it.  This is

what I used to act as my “paper” that I would put my letters on.  It even had built in wire hangers (the top hinges) !

A 3 dimensional picture is also more durable than a piece of paper (2 dimensional) and if you feel your message is one that you want to last a long time, 3 dimensional might be

what you need to try.



This was very very fun and when I was done, I wanted to do more.  That is how making and creating things should be.  God meant it to refresh us and give us a stronger voice to

say things that are inside us.

Hmmmmm…I wonder what I want to say next?

opera singer MAILER

….but that is 2 dimensional!



Fun Fast-Paced Group Drawing Game…try it!

January 29, 2015

dice mouse drawPRINT

I LOVE games, so here’s something I developed to get people drawing TOGETHER!

You can do this as a family or with a group of friends or as an ice breaker at a party or gathering.  You can do alone but it’s more fun if you do it with others as a competition.  Using dice helps add excitement and unpredictability.  You might try it tonight after dinner!

You’ll need: (per team)

2 dice

1 piece of paper and a pencil or pen

a copy of the mouse drawing on this post


Break the number of people you have into 2 teams.  If you have a huge number of people, you can have many teams with about 4-6 people in each team.  The picture uses very simple shapes and lines so that most any age or any skill level will work.  The goal is not a wonderful picture…the goal is for your team to draw the mouse as quickly as you can when you roll the right numbers.

When you yell, “go!”  each team starts with only one of the dice.  Go clockwise with each person quickly rolling once then passing the dice.  Your team has to roll a “1” first in order to draw the first shape of the mouse.  The person who rolls it gets to draw that large triangle shape on the paper.

That team then grabs the second dice and tries to roll a “2”…snake eyes!  When snake eyes is rolled by a person, they quickly add the head shape onto the first body shape.  From that point on, any other number left (3-12) has something to add onto the mouse to complete it.  It goes really quick at this point.  Notice that #11 doesn’t have anything to be drawn.  (you could have that person add something new onto the mouse that is not in the picture….whatever they want.)

When the mouse is completely drawn, that team has to roll snake eyes in order to win.


This could be played with 2 people…going against each other.  You will be rolling a lot times to get your numbers, but it could still be fun…cause you get to draw!  Enjoy!


Draw a fun convertible car

February 26, 2014


Try this fun little convertible car.  Maybe you will want to draw a doodle bug driving it as well…here’s some help for you 

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